RESIDENT SPEAK: 'Corporation is doing nothing to maintain the dustbins'

Sushil Kumar, president Dwarka Forum
Posted: Jan 19, 2019

Plastic dustbins placed in public places in Dwarka by the South Delhi Municipal Corporation are a waste of public money.

Some dustbins lie in vacant plots, some are seen at garbage dumping spots and some appear burnt because of cigarette butts thrown into them. It seems the corporation is doing nothing for the maintenance these dustbins.

Plastic dustbins are of no use at busy market places because people often throw cigarette into them, causing them to eventually melt. Why could the SDMC not think about these things before placing the dustbins!

Metal dustbins, as used in the NDMC area, would have been more effective.

These dustbins seem to disappear over time. About 10 such new dustbins were placed at Sector 14 DDA land, where community functions are organised. I have been noticing the dustbins since Durga Puja when they were brought there, but never installed for use.

This is certainly poor planning and poor implementation by the SDMC. These dustbins have been bought with taxpayers’ money and the civic bodies are answerable.



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