‘Make Aadhaar valid for smart cards in Aqua Line metro’
‘Make Aadhaar valid for smart cards in Aqua Line metro’
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‘Make Aadhaar valid for smart cards in Aqua Line metro’ Representative image
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‘Make Aadhaar valid for smart cards in Aqua Line metro’

People across Noida and Greater Noida are feeling ecstatic following the proposed launch of Aqua Line metro on January 25 but they are also worried about the availability of smart cards!

Yes, the smart cards, which are being prepared by the Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC), will be provided to those who have Voter ID, Driving License or Passport as proofs. Interestingly, the Aadhaar card is not on the list! This will surely make the journey of commuters difficult because a majority of them now have Aadhaar as their 'all-purpose' proof and not having any of the above-mentioned IDs will compel them to stand in queues to get the tokens and board the metro, further delaying their travel time.

Sensing the gravity of the issue, the commuters demand the metro authority concerned to make Aadhaar valid too, so that they can travel through Aqua Line without any hiccups or hassles.

"It was the Central govt which made Aadhaar card mandatory and almost all the ladies have this card only! The NMRC should give it a thought again and make Adhaar valid for smart cards to travel with ease,” Anuradha Dubey, a resident of Noida, said.

Besides, it will be a pesky affair for the students who rely only on metro rides to reach their schools, colleges and universities.

"It will be taxing for us and regular commuters for sure. Making Aadhaar valid along with other proofs will solve the issue," Sumit Kumar, a student told City Spidey

According to the official sources, the NMRC has been in talks with State Bank of India (SBI) regarding the matter but the latter has clarified that they will make these smart cards valid only after getting permission from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).


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