PART II: Why is parking such an issue in Dwarka...
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PART II: Why is parking such an issue in Dwarka...

Service lanes in front of societies are being used for visitors’ parking. Schools are using lanes to park buses on both sides of the roads. And what about the authorities?

PART II: Why is parking such an issue in Dwarka...

Grabbing open space near societies and schools for parking has become a common affair in the sub-city. Service lanes in front of societies are being used up for visitors’ parking. And civic bodies are twiddling their thumbs over the issue.

In Dwarka, there are more than 400 societies and about 100 schools. And the traffic mess is getting worse by the day.

A resident of Sector 4, Seema Gupta, said, “Mostly the Cooperative Group Housing Societies have been doing so — they even have the audacity to put up parking boards!”

At some places, there are even ramps so vehicles can easily access the footpaths at a higher elevation. SK Malik, a resident of Sector 6, Youngsters Apartments, said, “This practice is safe — and authorities are not taking the matter seriously. And there are no parking charges as well!”

The scene in DDA pockets is the same, as RWAs are okay with parking of vehicles in the service lanes. There are boards to denote which service lane belongs to which particular society.

VK Singh, a resident of Sector 14, Kautilya Apartments, complained, “What can we do if there is lack of parking space inside the pocket!”



Schools in Dwarka, too, have started occupying the footpaths and other open spaces in their vicinity. Lanes have been barricaded to make parking space. School buses are kept parked on the both sides of the roads.

The scene is common in Sector 12 in front of Bal Bharti School and Bal Bhavan International School; in front of the government school near Rockland Hospital; in Sector 22 in front of the mall; in Sector 10 near Delhi International School; in Sector 18 near Sri Venkteshwar School.

MK Singh, a resident of Sector 10, said, “The schools mostly have no parking space inside, so they park their buses and staff cars along the footpath. Also schools have not been given enough space by the government for them to develop proper infrastructure within the campus”

Here’s what traffic inspector of the area, Archna Andley, had to say: “We are prosecuting vehicles parked wrongly on the roads. We are also going to write to schools about the matter.”