Indirapuram: Why this swimming pool is a bone of contention
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Indirapuram: Why this swimming pool is a bone of contention

Shipra Krishna Vista residents find membership charges a bit too high, demand refund of membership fee collected by previous AOA while newly-elected AOA sees an ulterior motive in demands, says never made such promises.

Indirapuram: Why this swimming pool is a bone of contention

Residents of Shipra Krishna Vista society in Indirapuram are finding the society swimming pool membership a bit heavy on their pockets.

The membership charge for a family of four members is Rs 12,500 for six months, Rs 7,500 for three months and Rs 3,000 for one month. These charges were set by the new AOA body.

Residents find these charges higher than that of other apartments in the neighbourhood. Moreover, they say the newly-elected AOA had promised to refund the membership fee collected by the previous AOA. The previous AOA had set a membership fee of Rs 35,000 per annum. About 160 families had become members in its tenure.

Residents also demand transparency in investments made for the clubhouse and the formation of a club management committee to look after the club.

The AOA, however, has a different take on the issue. Speaking to City Spidey, Deepak Jalan, vice-president of the AOA said, “All these issues are being incited by the members of the previous RWA and by those who lost the AOA election.”

He also said that the AOA was trying to solve the problems of the residents. Speaking about the refund of the membership charges, he said “The AOA is already indebted to the pool construction company. We never made any promises but we said in our election manifesto that we will try to refund the amount which was charged by the previous RWA. The issue of refund was never mentioned in the terms and conditions of the payment made for the amenities. We are trying to pay off the debts and complete other the developments in the club. After that, we will try to refund the money to the people. Over 260 families have become members after the inauguration of the pool in April. The money collected from the charges will increase with rise in membership."

Speaking about the formation of a club committee, Jalan said that the AOA and the management will only abide by the by-laws of the UP Apartments Act. "There is no provision for forming a separate committee within an AOA," he said.