Noida man duped of Rs 1 lakh on pretext of car loan

Photo: Graphics by Akash Mishra
Posted: Jan 29, 2019

A Noida resident was recently duped of Rs 1 lakh by a man who promised to provide him car loan from a nationalized bank.

Kovind Raali, a resident of Sector 33, Noida, has filed a case with the city police. The victim said that earlier this month he had applied for a car loan. A man who pretended to be an employee of SBI Money Mantra had approached him and collected documents required for approval of loan like a cancelled cheque and an ID card.

The victim said, in his police complaint, that the same cheque was later used to withdraw Rs 1 lakh from his bank account.

According to the police report, “On January 15, a man who introduced himself as Rajan from SBI Money Mantra had visited Kovind’s house. In the name of completing paperwork for loan, the accused collected ITR, a cancelled cheque and other documents.”

“The victim has alleged that on January 22, Rs 1 lakh was withdrawn from his HDFC Bank account by using the same cancelled cheque. When Kovind contacted the SBI team, they said that no one named Rajan worked with them,” the police said.

Sudha Singh, SP City, said that the victim met her on Monday and narrated the incident. A police complaint has been lodged and investigation in the case has started.

However, this is not the first case like this that has been reported in the city. According to a Noida police official, over the past few months, several cases of fraud vehicle loan cases have been reported.

“Same modus operandi is being used in all these cases. On the pretext of getting a loan approved, fraudsters contact people and obtain documents like a cancelled cheque which they later use to withdraw money from victim’s bank account,” said a Noida police official.


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