What's damaging electronic equipment across Noida?
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What's damaging electronic equipment across Noida?

PVVNL has been ignoring several resident-complaints about electronic equipment being damaged due to frequent voltage fluctuation across Noida.

What's damaging electronic equipment across Noida?

Erratic power supply is causing great loss to residents of several Noida sectors. The frequent power fluctuations are wreaking havoc on home appliances and elevators. 

This problem is being reported from several residential areas such as sectors 20, 30, 63, 73 and 120. Residents have complained that their television sets, bulbs, refrigerators and air conditioners were damaged due to voltage fluctuations.  

Anil Sharma, a resident of Amrapali Zodiac in Sector 120, told City Spidey that the fluctuations caused his 1.5-ton air conditioner to conk off. According to him, it is not only high voltage that is the problem. Low voltage has a part to play too, by rendering ceiling fans useless.

Residents of Prateek Laurel have not been able to use the lift since the past week as it cannot operate on low voltage. The bulbs in the lifts got fused and its fan stopped working as a result of the fluctuations. "Another problem we face is that the generators do not switch on automatically if the voltage is low," said Sandeep Singh, president of the AOA. 

President of Sector 30 RWA, Pramod Verma, said that he had been receiving similar complaints from residents of the sector.

Several TV sets were damaged due to the power fluctuations in Sector 73 households.

Residents have taken up the issue with the discom, Paschimanchal Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Limited (PVVNL).

"We reported the problem to the discom, but nothing has been done as yet," said Pyarelal Yadav, president of Sector 20 RWA.

The PVVNL officials haven't paid any heed to the numerous complaints coming in from all across Noida.

Mukul Singhal, superintending engineer, PVVNL, told City Spidey that the power fluctuation was a result of an increased load on transformers during summer. These fluctuations occur when the consumption load on a particular transformer increases. 

To improve the supply of power, PVVNL will have to instal 80 new transformers. Singhal said that the requirement had been sent to Noida Authority last February. "The authority had promised us 50 transformers but we haven't received even a single one," said Singhal. 

When City Spidey spoke to RP Singh, project engineer of Noida Authority, he added an interesting twist to the story. 

"PVVNL are yet to submit their expenditure report for the previous financial year," said Singh. "We can only supply the transformers after receiving the report."