Indirapuram: Bike-borne assailants rob jewellery from woman at gun point

Photo: Graphics by Akash Mishra
Posted: Feb 05, 2019

In a broad day light, a 42-year-old resident of ATS Advantage, a high-rise in Indirapuram, was threatened, chased and robbed off her jewellery at gun point by two masked men near Shipra Mall on Monday in Indirapuram. 

The incident happened around 4 pm on the back side of Express Garden when the victim, Priya, was travelling to the mall from her society on a rickshaw when the bike-borne assailants stopped her. “They pointed gun at me and demanded everything I was carrying,” Priya said.

“When I pleaded to let me go, they noticed my bracelet and shouted to hand it over else they would pull the trigger of the gun they were carrying. Fearing the consequences, I started removing the bracelet. Meanwhile, they noticed my gold chain, diamond ring and other ornaments I was wearing. They demanded everything. When I resisted, they snatched the bracelet off my hands,” she explained her ordeal.

“Meanwhile, two other men on bike came to my rescue. The men argued and tried to stop the assailants. This infuriated the assailants and they fired a bullet on ground to scare away the other men. Seeking the opportunity of their distraction, I jumped off the rickshaw and ran away to save my life,” she said.

“They made a turn to catch me but I hopped the boundary and entered inside Parsvnath Majestic, a society nearby. They must have fled then,” she added.

Priya is a homemaker who lives with her husband and two young daughters in ATS Advantage. However, Priya felt fortunate that her daughters didn’t accompany her at the time of the incident.

“The way they hurled sexually charged abuses and threatened to rape if I don’t budge to their demands was horrifying. Maybe they did it to scare me. They might have done it my daughters if they were with me when the incident happened,” she feared.

Despite hundreds of posh high rises and promotion of this area as a smart township, I don’t feel safe anymore in Indirapuram.

According to sources within Ghaziabad Police, Indirapuram ranks second after Kavinagar in Ghaziabad where maximum of snatching incidents have been reported.

Meanwhile, the police have registered an FIR under section 392 (robbery) of IPC (Indian Penal Code).

“As of now, the police have been unsuccessful in taking any lead to track down the assailants in the case due to absence of video footage,” told Nazeer Ali Khan, SHO, Indirapuram police station.

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