Rain, hailstorm turn GreNo into ‘Kashmir Valley’; traffic snarls in Delhi-NCR

Posted: Feb 07, 2019

People across Delhi-NCR and especially Greater Noida on Thursday witnessed Kashmir-like weather with spells of light rain and heavy hailstorms, bringing down the temperature and making the season more chilly and awesome.

Roads were covered with a thick layer of hail as people, excited to see such a scene, stopped their cars and started clicking photographs to share it with their near and dear ones!

However, commuters across Delhi-NCR had a tough time due to rain and severe traffic jams at several places. Getting stuck at one place and realising they have nothing to do, people started tweeting Delhi Traffic Police on their official Twitter handle.

"First there was this (hail). Then ten minutes further towards Dwarka, traffic jams so horrendous that a fifteen minute journey took two hours. Delhi is becoming a city of traffic jam terrorism!!!” tweets Tavleen Singh with a video.

Another user tweeted, "This problem is there in every city in india. It is horrible. Why did we invite all mnc car manufacturers? Roads and urban planing is the worst here. Public transport is not at all good in all cities.”

Taking note of continuous tweets, Delhi Traffic Police promptly informed the commuters regarding traffic snarls and other possible routes to commute.

According to the meteorological department, the temperature across Delhi-NCR is expected to drop further during the night. Besides, rain is predicted to return in the next two days.

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