What's Mahayog? Let Sector 41 residents tell you...
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What's Mahayog? Let Sector 41 residents tell you...

The Noida Sector's RWA, with support from Aarogyam Research Foundation, kicked off a two-day yoga camp today.

What's Mahayog? Let Sector 41 residents tell you... Residents performing yoga in front of the community centre

A free yoga camp was kicked-off at Sector 41, Noida, today. The two-day camp, ending tomorrow, was conducted by the RWA with support of the Aarogyam Research Foundation, a Naturopathy clinic which offers ayurvedic health solutions. About 40 residents, along with RWA members, participated in the first day of the event. People from all age groups took the part in the camp.

The yoga camp was held in the open ground in front of the sector's community centre. The camp, named 'Mahayog', is being led by yoga guru Dr. Rajesh Panwar, who is also the founder of Aarogyam Research Foundation.

Dr. Rajesh Panwar, the yoga guru, told City Spidey that people can achieve and maintain good health and physical fitness just by practicing yoga everyday. "It also provides relief from stress," Panwar added.

The sessions  started at 6.30 am and lasted till 7.30 am in the morning. During the camp, residents practiced asanas such as kapalbhati and pranayama.

"The purpose of the camp was to spread awareness about the benefits of yoga. We are expecting more people on Sunday," said Anil Khanna, president of the RWA.

Residents had a great time at the camp.

Sushma Singh, a resident of Sector 41, said that she practiced yoga on a regular basis and was inspired by Baba Ramdev. "Yoga soothes the mind and eases body movement. Performing some basic asanas early in the morning ensures a good day ahead," she added.