Prantic Cultural Society celebrates the tenth edition of Saraswati Puja

Posted: Feb 11, 2019

The Bengali community of over 34 residential societies celebrated Saraswati Puja together in Indirapuram on Sunday. The festivities commenced on Saturday with the double screening Sonar Kella, a Bengali classic by auteur director Satyajit Ray, and ended with visarjan on Monday. 

It was a sight of Bengali camaraderie, with more than 300 coming together for the three-day cultural extravaganza, organised by Indirapuram-based Prantic Cultural Society.

The society had yet another reason to celebrate. "This year, our organisation has turned a decade old. This is our tenth edition of Saraswati Puja" said president of the society, Abhijeet Roy, beaming with pride.

Speaking on the idea of celebrating the event collectively, Roy said, "This keeps us united, and we feel at home, even though we are miles and miles away from our roots.”

Saraswati Puja has a special significance for students, as it is the worship of the goddess of knowledge. Thus, cultural programmes by students — young children — are one of the highlights of this festival, explained Roy.

On Sunday, little girls and all the ladies wore vibrant yellow sarees, matching the dazzle of marigold — the goddess’s favourite flower — performed Saraswati Vandana.


Visarjan in progress





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