Hailstorm likely on Valentine’s Day; fairy tale experience in offing

Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Feb 11, 2019

There was a mixed feelings among people after the hailstorm which happened on last Thursday. While there were people who were quite enthused by the city turning into a winter wonderland with snow like scenes at places in Noida, Greater Noida and Delhi, there were also some who felt that this was too scary.

Now, if forecast is to be believed, the city of Delhi-NCR is set to receive another hailstorm by coming Thursday which also happens to be Valentine’s Day – a festival of love.

During the last hailstorm, many places were covered with hailstones. People said the national capital region was no less than Shimla or Manali as it gave snowy appearances. People were not getting enough of clicking pictures in the picturesque setting.

Social media websites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram were flooded with people sharing their pictures with the hailstones.

If the forecast is true, then people will have another opportunity to do the same. And, romantic couple in Delhi-NCR will certainly have a fairy tale kind of day on the Valentine’s Day. It will give them another opportunity to click pictures with amazing kind of background.

Akansha Kesari, a resident of Greater Noida West, said, “I am very excited as there are chances of hailstorm on Valentine’s Day. I celebrate the day every year and this time it is going to be extra special. I live on 14th floor in my apartment. The view from my balcony with hailstones all around was amazing. This time, I am planning to decorate my balcony as we will have amazing time sitting in the balcony with the view of hailstones in the vicinity.”

The regional head of the India Meteorological Department, Kuldeep Srivastava, confirmed this by saying that another western disturbance with moist western winds coming from the Bay of Bengal is likely to hit the northwest plains of the country including Delhi from February 13. The moist condition is likely to continue till Friday in the national capital.

The last hailstorm in the national capital region affected the weather dearly. The temperatures had dropped significantly and people are experiencing cold conditions since then. The minimum temperature had slipped to 6 degrees Celsius in Delhi on Sunday.

It is to be noted that the last Thursday’s hailstorm had happened almost after a decade in the national capital region. Many people were also of the view that the hailstorms are not good as it can damage people and properties. They were worried over the sudden change in the weather.

There were also reports of several houses getting damaged after the last hailstorm in Greater Noida. They are now in fear of the repeat of the damages. They expressed their disappointment over the sudden change of weather in Delhi-NCR.

On the other hand, many residents are looking forward to another hailstorm in the city as they had too much fun last time. They are quite upbeat about the chances of hailstorm happening on the Valentine’s Day.

A resident, Vikash Kumar, said, “We are having more reasons to go out on that day considering the kind of scenes it was after the last hailstorm.”

However, many people also said that the hailstorm would affect the traffic badly on that day. The hailstones covered the roads last time making it difficult for commuters. Many people were stuck in heavy traffic jams last time.

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