Saraswati Puja: Dwarka residents opt for eco-friendly immersion

Posted: Feb 12, 2019

Dwarka showed its eco-friendly side on the occasion of Saraswati Puja on Monday evening, as the volunteers of Sambhav Puja Samiti in Sector 14 immersed the idol of the Goddess in an artificial tank.

For the betterment of water bodies in the city, the volunteers made an artificial tank filled with water in Sector 14 park. The members proudly said that they have been following this ritual for the past two years.

SS Jha, vice president of Sambhav Puja Samiti and a resident of Om Apartments in Sector 14, said, “While we love celebrating our festivals, we also take care that in no ways are we harming our environment. For us, protecting our environment is a top priority.”

The Samiti holds one of the biggest Sarswati Puja celebrations in Dwarka. Three years back, the members of the Samiti had decided against the immersion of the idol in the Yamuna. “It is community’s responsibility also to save the environment. We ensure that our idol is made of eco-friendly clay and the immersion is also carried out in the same manner,” said Sushil Kumar, former president of Samiti and a resident of Netaji Subhash Apartments, Sector 14.

Praising the Samiti’s efforts, Nand Kishore Jha, president of Sambhav and a resident of Om Apartments, Sector 14, said, “This is our small initiative in spreading awareness about how we can celebrate our festivals without harming the nature.”

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