Smart signals between Huda City Centre and Bakhtawar Chowk create impact!

By City Spidey
Photo: File pic
Posted: Feb 16, 2019

As part of a pilot project, on Wednesday afternoon, smart signals were installed at four intersections between the Huda City Centre and Bakhtawar Chowk— Kanhai Chowk, Sector 30/31 dividing road, Sector 31/45 traffic light and at Bakhtawar Chowk signal.

The impact was immediate.

The 3.5-km stretch between the Huda City Centre and Bakhtawar Chowk is almost always busy, and traffic snarls between morning and evening rush hours are a common thing.  

But after the inauguration of the smart signal system ‘ARTEMIS’ from Kanhai Chowk, commuters said waiting time at traffic signals was reduced to almost half!

So Wednesday had both traffic cops and commuters surprised, as none were unaware of the smart signals.

Here’s what a resident of Sector 32, Kapil Srivastava, had to say: “There were no jams on the stretch and traffic was well managed.”

A corporate communications officer, Radha Singh, who uses the stretch daily, agreed. She said, “I would have to wait for nearly a minute for the signal to turn green — on Wednesday, it took less than 20 seconds!”

The ‘ARTEMIS’ signal control system — installed and maintained by Japanese firm Kyosan Electric Manufacturing Company Limited — predicts the traffic volume from upstream intersections and automatically turns the signal green depending on the volume. This prediction, in turn, reduces congestion.

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