I'puram Rishabh Cloud 9: Thieves make off with car from society premises

By City Spidey
Posted: Feb 19, 2019

A resident of Rishabh Cloud 9 in Indirapuram has to pay the price for the slack attitude of security staff. Last week, two unknown miscreants stole a car from the society in the presence of security guards. The guards did not have any entry and exit record for the duo. 

The incident came to light when on Tuesday the victim went to the basement to take out his car, but could not locate it. 

“I searched the whole society but could not find it anywhere. Then I pulled out CCTV from Sunday — which is the last time that I saw my car. The footage showed that around 12:30 am someone was taking my car outside the society premises," said the victim, Rohan Anuragi, who works as a consultant in a private bank.

"And just few minutes prior to that, two men are boarding off an auto and going towards the basement while the security guards at the gates allowing them without recording their entry," he added

"Also, nobody stopped them at the gate even when they took out my car. I think security guards have a role in this theft. However, I did not accuse anyone in the FIR," Anuragi alleged.

When City Spidey reached out to the security head in the society for comment, he rejected the insider-involvement angle. However, he did admit to serious security lapses. "We don't record the details of autorickshaws moving in and out of the society — and this is our lesson," he said.

Meanwhile, Kunal Gupta, estate manager, claimed the men were questioned at the gates and they (thieves) told the guards that they were  residents of the society. "Guards can't physically recognize anyone. Also, entry/exits of the residents are not recorded," he said

Also, the whole act was carried out within three minutes — locating a car, breaking the lock and taking it outside in such a short span. This, Gupta added, seemed strange.

The case also shows the callousness of the local police. While the police were informed on Tuesday, the FIR got registered on Sunday, five days after the incident. 

Anuragi had moved into this society just six months back on rented accommodation.


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