Why residents of AFNOE in Sector 7, Dwarka, are unhappy with the DDA...

By City Spidey
Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Feb 21, 2019

The road in front of Air Force and Naval Officers Enclave (AFNOE) in Sector 7 makes for a sorry picture — and it has been like this for more than a year now. The road was dug up for lying cables and pipelines, but never repaired. And now, potholes have appeared on the surface.

The road connects from the signal of Sector 6/7 to the signal of Sector 6/7/9/10.

Malay Paul, a resident of the society, said, “The road is getting worse with time. After digging, they did not restore it, and the rains have made things worse.”

AFNOE confirmed that they repaired a small portion just in front of the gate because the authority did not do anything despite repeated complaints.

President of the society, SK Sharma, said, “We have written letters to the area MLA and also the councillor on the matter, but to no avail.”

Area MLA Bhavna Gaur admitted she is aware of the situation and has been pursuing the matter with the DDA. She added, “I will have it repaired from the MLA fund if the DDA does not do anything sooner."


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