Will Noida Authority be able to deliver on its promise of waste remediation?

By City Spidey
Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Feb 23, 2019

The most awaited project of Noida Authority for waste remediation was launched in Sector 54 in December last year. The promise? To remove all waste from the two dumping sites at Sectors 54 and 145 within two years.

But have things kept pace? No!

Right now, the remediation plant is treating only 400 tonnes of waste every day, whereas about 80,000 metric tonnes of solid waste is dumped at the site.

At this rate, it will take more than six years to treat all the waste from the area.

The Authority had to stop dumping waste at the site in Sector 54 after an NGT order banned it from doing so. The NGT had, in June 2018, also directed the Authority to clean the stored waste and free up the occupied forest land at the earliest.

On June 14, 2018, Noida Authority had roped in a private agency, Zigma Global Environ Solutions Private Limited, for the remediation work. According to the contract, the Authority is to pay Rs 1,193 per metric tonne for waste remediation, officials confirmed.

This process is to include packaging, loading, unloading and transportation of the refuse-derived fuel (RDF).

Noida Authority CEO, Alok Tandon, told the media at the time of inauguration that the agency would take six months to complete the remediation of waste at Sector 54. Once the job in Sector 54 is done, the agency would move to Sector 145, where it is storing waste right now.

“Noida produces 600 metric tonnes of waste daily. According to preliminary analysis, 45% of the waste is organic in nature, whereas 25% is recyclable, 25% is inert and around 5% is scrap. If Noida Authority could not meet its own time level than its very difficult to treats the daily waste, which is around 600 metric tonnes,” Shivam Mishra, a resident said.

An official of Noida Authority said that due to shortage of labour at the site, the speed of work has been badly impacted. But they are hiring more ground works to step up work.

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