Gurgaon twins have identical reason to celebrate Class XII boards
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Gurgaon twins have identical reason to celebrate Class XII boards

Having scored 93 per cent marks, both sisters want to pursue engineering as career, while their parents want them to compete in UPSC examination.

Gurgaon twins have identical reason to celebrate Class XII boards

Gurgaon’s twin sisters have obtained identical marks in CBSE examination of Class XII. The twins – younger Harshita and elder Ankita Chauhan of DAV School, Sector-14 – have scored 465 marks in science stream out of a total of 500.

While their success has become talk of the town, the siblings have become celebrities overnight in Pink Town House Residential Society in DLF Phase-III, where they live, with neighbours and journalists making beeline at their residence. 

“I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that I and Harshita have identical marks of 93 per cent. It was also surprising for my parents and teachers of our school too,” said Ankita.

She further said that she had obtained more marks than Harshita in Class X boards and other school examination. She had scored 93 per cent marks against her sister’s 87 per cent. But this time around, she confessed Harshita had prepared well for the examination.

In her reaction, Harshita Chauhan said her twin, Ankita, had created a healthy competitive atmosphere between them. During preparation, they were motivating each other.

“I am good in mathematics while she is good in physics. Hence we have helped each other in these two subjects during preparations,” she said.

Harshita scored 87 per cent in English, 93 in chemistry, 95 in mathematics and 95 per cent in physics and Physical education while Ankita got 93 in English, 95 in chemistry, 87 in maths. Both of them have obtained identical marks in physics and physical education.

Since Ankita has been consistently achieving higher marks compared to her sister Harshita till now, their parents were nervous. They did not know what to do – either celebrate for Ankita or console Harshita.

“This time, Harshita has put in lots of hard work, and hence the identical opportunity for real celebration,” said their proud mother, Anjana.

She added that both the sisters want to become engineer while the parents want them to compete in UPSC examination.

Their success is also cherished by fellow residents. 

“It is good to hear that two siblings of our residential society have obtained highest marks. We know them for their hard work since their childhood. The twins generally have identical looks and behavior. But that reflected in education too is even more surprising,” Sunil Malhotra, an RWA member of Pink Town House Residential Society.