Gaur City 5th Avenue: Residents want AOA elections after board examinations
Gaur City 5th Avenue: Residents want AOA elections after board examinations
Praveen Dwivedi
Gaur City 5th Avenue: Residents want AOA elections after board examinations
Photo: City Spidey

Gaur City 5th Avenue: Residents want AOA elections after board examinations

The standoff between residents and builder is not coming to an end at Gaur City’s 5th Avenue. Now, seeing the maintenance activities going haywire at the society, the builder has suggested the residents to organise the AOA election by March 24.

But, as per the residents, this move was also lacking proper homework. They expressed their unhappiness over the dates for the AOA election as it coincides with the board examinations of students. They said that the builder decided the dates without applying their minds.

The residents said that board examinations are very important for the bright future of their children. They said that it is the time when their children want them the most. Election during that time can dearly affect the preparations for the examinations.

Preet Bhargava, a resident said, “We asked builder not to organise elections in the month of March due to board exams of class 10th and 12th which will end by April 3. If 40 people fight the election, they are supposed visit each flat. Parents and children are supposed to entertain the visitors which will affect their exam preparation schedule. For any parents, children exam is more important than anything else.”

Election requires a lot of activities within the society which includes campaigning by the candidates at the flats which can very well affect the children preparing for the examinations. Now, ball is in the court of the builder to think over the suggested dates for AOA election.

Meanwhile, the residents continue to be at the receiving end with the curtailed maintenance services at the society. The situation is such that seeing the shortage in cleaning staff, the residents started dumping their garbage at the maintenance office few days back.

Apart from the shortage in cleaning staffs, the number of security staffs have also been reduced by the builder. The residents are worried over their security seeing many crime incidents which are rampant in the area.

It all started with the arbitrary increase in the maintenance charges by the builder which residents had vehemently protested. The residents had unanimously opposed the arbitrary increase in the maintenance charges.

City Spidey had earlier talked to the head of the maintenance department, Sidharth Sood, to know about the situation at the society. He stressed on the need to form AOA within the society. He said that if there was an AOA at the society, things would have been smooth.

“As per the RERA, societies need to have AOA with 70 per cent of occupancy. We asked residents to form AOA and take handover of the maintenance because the service provider has refused to continue with the same amount. But, residents are deliberately delaying the election to the AOA. We decided to reduce the services in order to build pressure on residents so that they unanimously decide to form AOA,” Sood concluded.

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