RWA of Amrapali Village, PFA resolve dispute over stray dogs

By Ashish Srivastava
Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Mar 06, 2019

The rift between People For Animals (PFA) and RWA of Amrapali Village, a high-rise in Indirapuram, over the death of a stray dog who lived in the society has been finally put to rest.

The RWA has written a letter to PFA after the organization had lodged an FIR against the president and a resident of the society accusing them for the death of a stray dog. It was alleged that a dog had died while the RWA members were trying to evict three strays from the society last week.

PFA is the nodal agency that looks after sterilization, vaccination and rescue of stray animals in Ghaziabad.

In the letter addressed to Ghaziabad district president of PFA, the RWA has regretted the incident. “We ensure you that we will not evict or remove any stray dogs residing in our society in the future,” the letter read.

In February, an argument between PFA and the society RWA had turned ugly when the former had filed an FIR against the RWA president, Deepak Kumar, and a resident after a dog had allegedly died while a group of residents were trying to evict three strays from the society.

An altercation had happened between the residents and a few dog lovers, after the RWA had decided to call a private dog catching vehicle. The vehicle had managed to catch three dogs but they were rescued by PFA volunteers who reached on the spot.

PFA volunteers had also spotted an injured dog lying by the roadside. They took the dog for treatment who later succumbed to injuries.

PFA had claimed that the dogs were brutally beaten, which RWA and residents had refused.

In its letter, the RWA ensured PFA that such incidents would not be repeated. “If a conflict arises in the future, we will inform the PFA team and take their help in resolving the issue,” stated the letter.

The RWA also clarified that PFA team had never asked any money from them. "We would like to confirm that PFA had never asked any money from us and we haven't paid any money to them," the letter read further.

Speaking to City Spidey, Sumedha Iyer, president of PFA, said that she doesn't want to escalate the matter further as the RWA has already apologised for the incident. “I’ve requested the police to quash the FIR,” Iyer said.

Kumar said that they regret the incident and that’s why wrote to PFA.

"In future, we will coordinate with PFA on issues related to strays. We have also told PFA that we will secure our perimeter so that no dogs from outside can enter the society. Also, we will make dog feeding spots in the society," said Kumar.

However, Kumar maintained that the allegation against them was false. “No stray dog died inside our society,” he said.

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