Here's a breath of fresh air for Gurgaon...

Photo: Inthefold.autodesk.com
Posted: Mar 07, 2019

Here’s a breath of fresh air for Gurgaon — a city gasping for air, and literally so. It has notched a rank of 83 among 425 cities in Swachh Survekshan 2019 conducted by the central government under the Swachh Bharat Mission.

Laudably, it has shown an improvement of 22 places from 105 in 2018.

Gurgaon fell in the category of population between 3 lakh and 10 lakh and was in competiton with 425 other cities.

With a final score of 2,975.41 out of 5,000 points, the city finished fourth in Haryana behind Karnal (24), Rohtak (69), and Panchkula (71). However, it is behind other cities in NCR, such as Ghaziabad, which has ranked 13 in the 2019 survey.

Overall, 4,237 cities were surveyed this year. Gurgaon was bracketed among 425 cities, which have a population between 3 lakh and 10 lakh.

On the whole, Gurgaon’s final score is much more than the national average of 1,846 points and Haryana’s average of 1,934.32. 

The MCG commissioner, while speaking to City Spidey said, the civic body will continue to strive towards better rankings next year.

This year, the assessment was divided into four categories — direct observation, service-level progress, citizen feedback and certification. Each category carried 1,250 points in the final score.

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