Women’s Day: Meet ladies who brought north-east cuisine to Delhi-NCR

By Nanda Das
Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Mar 08, 2019

Gone are the days when getting authentic kitchen and food products belonging to various parts of north-east region was a challenge. Olenka Dilip, a resident of Eden Tower, Sector 5 in Dwarka and her friend Krishnazina Thakur of V3S Indralok, Nyay Khand-1, Indirapuram, have joined hands to launch a comprehensive online platform Juhaal.com which caters to north-east region’s foods.

The website offers a wide variety of food items right from leafy, non-leafy vegetables, cereals, beans, pulses, rice fritters, cakes, laddoos, fishes, smoked savouries to local spices at an affordable price range.

Talking about the initiative, Krishnazina said, “For us, staying away from home has never been easy. And it is not different for the lakhs of people who have moved away from their home states to Delhi/NCR. Delhi could well be a foodie’s paradise, but for us, the yearning for food and ingredients available back home – the exotic herbs, the varieties of rice and pulses, wide array of river fishes, fruits and vegetables – has always been an issue.”

Started last October, their journey as a newbie entrepreneur has not been an easy one. They also had their initial hiccups and there were loads of apprehensions in their minds because maintaining hygiene and standard at the same time was a task.

“Dealing in perishable commodities is extremely tough and demands meticulous planning. Finding delivery partners to ensure proper delivery of our products wasn’t easy. But we had a general sense of what our target group wanted, and we approached the business keeping our intended customers in mind. The objective was clear – source and deliver authentic, fresh products to our customers,” she said.

On being asked if they faced any difficulty as a businesswoman in the male-dominated area, Krishnazina said they never looked at it as a feminist viewpoint. They rather felt, “There is a space for everyone”. “We have been supported and guided by everyone in this journey not because we are women, but because there’s potential in the business venture, and trust that we can deliver.”

As now they have become independent women, they are also planning to give more opportunity to fairer sex in their venture.

“We don’t have too many women employees at our work place, but as we scale up, we want to ensure a healthy mix of women employees in our organisation,” she signed off.

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