Noida: Women’s Day celebrated with proud spirit of feminism at Jalvayu Vihar

By Praveen Dwivedi
Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Mar 08, 2019

Many women gathered at the community centre to celebrate the International Women’s Day with spirit of feminist and pride at Jalvayu Vihar society in Noida. They were dressed in colourful attires as they participated in the event with all excitement.

The women who graced the occasion were mostly from army families. The event was organised jointly by the Global Yoga Club in an association with the families of the retired and working army officials.

Women of all age groups took the stage individually or in group to recite poems, songs, folk or group dance. All the performances received clapping by the spectators witnessing the event.

It started with welcoming of every women who entered the hall. The welcoming was done by a group of women associated with the Global Yoga Club which is based in the Jalvayu Vihar society.

The theme of the event was same as of the International Women’s Day - ‘Think equal, build smart, innovate for change.’

The event was followed by folk and group dance performances by women and then there was a fashion show by a group of women in the age group of 30 years to 80. At the end, there was a Yoga session by Global Yoga Club.

Taking to City Spidey, Roma Saran said, “On the occasion of International Women’s Day, I would advise all women to live with pride and values of feminism. Women should not forget their strength and their greater contribution in building humanity in the society.”

“Also, I would say that women should be given ample opportunity to contribute in the society. In the last, I would say, all the women should take care of what the almighty has given to them,” said Saran.

Global Yoga Club has around 1000 members (men and women). They organise Yoga classes every day in different parks in area. They have been doing this in last three years. “We decided to organise Yoga session on this occasion because Yoga helps to build strength and energy. We all need to have positive thinking. Human values should also be practised in the society where we live in,” said Prem Bakshi, a retired army official and head of the Global Yoga Club.

Women gathered at the stage to celebrate International Women's Day

Women participating in a dance performance

Women posing for the camera during the event

Women singing a song in front of the audience

Women doing Yoga on the stage

Health enthusiasts performing Yoga on stage

Yoga session in full swing

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