READ: Yoga asanas that will help students relieve stress during exams
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READ: Yoga asanas that will help students relieve stress during exams

Resident of Indirapuram and certified yoga expert Sweta Rai talks about two key asanas that will help students to feel just 'positive'!

READ: Yoga asanas that will help students relieve stress during exams

The board exams for Class X and XII students are underway and the one thing they go through in these tough times is STRESS! Health experts and counsellors during this time suggest them various tips to overcome it and give their best shot but one thing that is proving to be a beneficial one nowadays is Yoga! It will not only help their body to relax and soothes mind, but also improves one's concentration power.

While talking to City Spidey, Sweta Rai, a resident of Indirapuram and certified yoga expert, suggested two important asanas (poses) that will help the students to overcome stress and feel relaxed, happy, confident and full of energy.

1. Surya Namaskar (Sun salutation)

The salutation comprising 12 steps helps the children focus and improves their memory, and can have a great calming effect on the entire body. Any exam related stress can be completely eliminated by practicing the Surya Namaskar poses regularly.

2. Bhramari Pranayama (The humming bee breath)

Follow these steps to get the best results-

Sit straight in the Padmasana or Sukhasana and press your ear point with your thumb. Then place your index fingers on the forehead and with the remaining fingers close your eyes. Afterward, start inhaling through both the nostril deeply and slowly. By keeping your mouth closed, exhale by making a humming sound bee like “hmmmm”. While making humming sound say ‘Om’ in soft humming sound. Feel your body releasing impurity from your body and you will experience positive energy.

Practicing it regularly will soothe your mind and aid in stress management. Due to the humming sound, the concentration of the mind will also be facilitated. It has a positive effect on your mind and body, especially on the nervous system.

Well, we hope these asanas will greatly help you in overcoming stress and coming out with flying colours as a super successful student!