No maintenance fee if services don’t improve: Exotica Eastern Court AOA
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No maintenance fee if services don’t improve: Exotica Eastern Court AOA

The AOA of Crossings Republik-based high-rise has asked maintenance agency, CIPL, to improve services or else they will stop paying maintenance charges.

No maintenance fee if services don’t improve: Exotica Eastern Court AOA

Miffed with shoddy maintenance services provided by Crossings Infrastructure Pvt Ltd (CIPL), the residents of Exotica Eastern Court, a high-rise in Crossings Republik, have warned that they will stop paying further charges unless the situation improves.

CIPL is the agency looking after the maintenance of Crossings Republik township.

In a letter to CIPL, Exotica Eastern Court Apartment Owners Association (EECAOA) have conveyed their dissatisfaction on many areas.

"The maintenance amount collected from the residents is spent under three heads — maintaining roads and lights, improving greenery and beautification, and managing security services. However, the agency is neglecting its work in all the areas," said Kishore Shukla, general secretary of EECAOA.

“The roads around our society and across the township are ridden with potholes, especially in front of the petrol pump which leads to traffic jams. The work done in greenery and beautification areas is disappointing as well. There is no maintenance of the saplings that were planted,” he added.

The security is also not up to the mark. Shukla said that due to lackadaisical attitude of the security guards, miscreants daily gather in the open ground in front of the society and pose a threat to the residents’ safety. "They drink, smoke and abuse openly. The female residents fear stepping out in the evening," he added.

Shukla also complained that CIPL has not taken their letter seriously. "I had sent the letter last month and had even received an acknowledgement for that. Two days back I had gone to meet Ishwar Tyagi, who heads the maintenance for CIPL, and there I got to know that the letter was not even shown to him.”

Shukla said that Tyagi has now assured him that he will set things straight within a month. “Till our problems get resolved, we will not pay maintenance charges for the next month,” Shukla warned. When City Spidey tried to contact Tyagi, he refused to comment on the matter.