Noida: To ensure seamless movement, traffic routes changed at Sec 71 Chowk

By City Spidey
Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Mar 13, 2019

Keeping the ever-growing traffic chaos in view, the traffic police has decided to change the movement of vehicles at the Sector 71 Chowk on a pilot basis in Noida. It is being done to ensure hassle-free movement at the chowk.

Under the new arrangement, the vehicles, coming from Kisan Chowk/FNG circle, will not be allowed to go straight. Instead, the vehicles will take left turn and take U-turn near Sector 51 station metro station to move towards Hoshiarpur/Sector 60 Chowk.

As far as the vehicles coming from Hoshiarpur, they will also not be able to move straight towards Kisan Chowk/Sector-51. They will also take a left turn to move towards the U-turn (Sai Dham). After taking the U-turn, they will be able to move towards Kisan Chowk/Sector-51.

The traffic coming from Sai Dham, which are intended to move towards Balak Nath Temple, Parthala and Gaur City, will be taking U-turn before Sector 71. Then, they will take left turn on Sector 71 road to go towards Balak Nath Temple and Gaur City. Rest of the traffic movements will be the same as it was earlier.

The traffic police has urged the commuters to cooperate in the traffic changes incorporated at the Sector 71 Chowk. They also requested people to abide by the traffic rules without fail.

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