Erroneous ID cards dash residents’ hopes of voting in upcoming elections

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Mar 15, 2019

With the mushrooming of high rise societies, the influx of people has greatly increased in Noida and Greater Noida. The new residents, who had shifted to these high rises, were required to make voter ID cards in order to participate in the upcoming general elections.

Many of them had applied for voter ID cards earlier. But, the newly made cards, which arrived at the offices, had no mention of the societies where the applicants are living in. Although the other details are there on ID card but complete address is missing on it.

For instance, Rajit Srivastava, a resident of Arihant Arden, a high rise in Greater Noida West, received his card with wrong address mentioning Bishrakh. “Neither there is tower’s name nor society’s name in my voter ID card. My father’s name is also wrongly written on it.”

Residents were of the view that, however, they can vote in the general election but voter ID is also an address proof. Many residents complained that they are yet to receive their voter ID card due wrong address.

Amidst this, the officials are in a fix as they are required to deliver these ID cards to the applicants. With no mention of society’s name, it is not clear where to deliver these ID cards.

Chaman Lal, a block level official (BLO) informed City Spidey that due to wrong address and missing of society’s name, it has become tough for them to reach out to the particular residents and handover their voter ID card. “BLO is supposed to reach out the residents and handover their voter ID cards.

There are so many residents whose address or name are wrongly mentioned on their voter ID card. The residents and BLO have contradictory views on it. Lal claimed that mistakes are mostly on those cards which were applied online. Whereas, Manish Kumar, a resident said that mistakes are mostly on those cards which have been applied offline.

As City Spidey had earlier reported that many societies in Noida and Greater Noida had organised camp for correction in voter ID. Recently, Gaur City had organised two days comp for the same where several residents had complaints regarding wrong address and names mentioned in their voter ID cards.

Now, as election is just around the corner in next month, it will also be next to impossible to make necessary changes on the ID cards. However, the officials are leaving no stone unturned to find a solution to the problem.

Error on the voter ID cards is a perennial problem. It has been happening for a long time now. The people, who used to have errors on the cars, were required to apply for correction on the cards. This process used to cumbersome.

It was also informed that names of people, whose cards have incomplete address, have already been added on the voter’s list. But, with no cards in hands, they will not be able to vote in the upcoming general elections.

With incomplete address on the cards, people will also not be able to use it as address proof for other purposes. So, the entire exercise of making cards have become futile.

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