Dug-up roads spell despair for commuters, residents in Dwarka

The dug-up portion in Sector 23 has been left unrepaired
By City Spidey
Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Mar 16, 2019

Amidst other issues that were bothering the residents of Dwarka, one more has become a cause of concern and that is restoration work of dug-up roads. 

The delay in restoration work of such roads poses several sorts of danger to the locals and commuters.

"This is sheer carelessness on the part of the civic body concerned. It becomes difficult for people to commute or even take a stroll! Such roads are usually dug up to lay pipelines, cable works or sewer line. That is fine but once the work gets completed, it should be properly covered, isn't it? Many of them are still left unrepaired! This causes dust pollution and who knows, it might invite fatal mishaps too! It has become a common sight across the sub-city and the matter should be taken seriously," say residents.

A sewer cleaning work was carried out recently on the Aril Lime Apartments to New Millennium Apartments (Sector 23) stretch. The work, however, was completed but the road was left unrepaired. 

Talking to City Spidey on this issue, MS Suri, vice president of Millenium Apartments said, "What happens is that they do the work of their interest and leave the damaged surface without repairing it. The service lane here, where they carried out sewer work, left the manholes without repairing it properly. It should have been done immediately after the work got completed.”

RWAs and social organisations feel that there is lack of coordination between the agencies and there is where the problem lies.

General secretary of Studio Apartments (Sector 16B), Ramesh Kumar Mumukshu said, “Earlier there were signboards on the roads to inform the land-owning agencies before carrying out any kind of excavation work. But now, such boards are also missing. Ideally, the land-owning agency must monitor properly and get the restoration work done only if restoration charges are being paid. If the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has been given restoration charges by the agencies who carry out digging work, then the DDA must do the repairing as soon as the work gets completed.”

On the subject, one of the DDA's officials said on the condition of anonymity the restoration works were carried out in the city and all such roads would be repaired soon.

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