To check rising crime cases, Noida police to install 300 CCTV cameras in city

By City Spidey
Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Mar 17, 2019

Crime rates have been increasing alarmingly in Noida in the last couple of years and to keep a check on it, Noida Police has decided to install over 300 CCTV cameras at various places of the city including the high rise residential societies.

Police will identify 300 spots for the cameras on the basis of the vulnerability of the locations. The expenses of the installation of the CCTVs will be borne by the Noida authority.

“The police department will talk to the Noida Authority to bear the cost of the project. “Some of the CCTV cameras will also be installed near the high rises and residential sectors where the mobile and chain snatching cases have been more. But, all the locations will be finalised after the survey,” a police official said.

It has been observed that in sector 7x, either a phone or chain gets snatched on quite a frequent basis. The cameras will also ensure safety of females who have to travel alone many times in the city.

Shruti Singh, a resident in silicon city and also working in Sector 63, said, “If this will happen, then it is a great news for us. After reading about the Delhi University girl story in newspapers, we all were shocked. So, if these cameras are installed, it will give us a big relief.”

Another resident, Rashmi Chand, a resident of Sector 19 of Noida, feels that once the project is operational, Noida will become a safe place for working women.

“The move is expected to digitally increase police presence and will provide a sense of security and safety to residents and visitors,” she added.

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