Stray dogs menace haunts residents of Ecovillage 1; mgmt, authorities helpless

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Mar 18, 2019

Issues related to dog menace are common and City Spidey has been reporting about them from several societies across Delhi-NCR. One such incident has come to light from Supertech Ecovillage 1, a high-rise in Greater Noida West. Residents of the society have complained that stray dogs, which roam around in the park of the society, pose a serious threat to kids during their playtime and otherwise. There have been cases where a few kids were bitten by these strays.

Realising the local authorities are not paying heed to their complaints, residents of the society have no other option than raising their issues on various social media platforms. They had also approached the Noida Authority and even Chief Minister of the state to highlight their concerns but all in vain! 

Besides, there are some who feed these dogs inside society premises. They are completely against such people who harm such strays and this adds to the problem.

"It has become a big issue in our society. These dogs stay in the under-construction area of our society and in search of food, they come to the residential areas and parks. Being stray in nature, they can be ferocious too and that is our concern! We don't allow our kids to go and play in the park or open area fearing them. We really want a solution to this issue," said Sumit Saxena, a resident of the society. 

When we spoke to the facility manager of Supertech Ecovillage 1, Amit Mishra, regarding this matter, he replied "See, even I cannot do much about it. I had gone to many local authorities but they refused to displace them. The least they could do is to vaccinate and leave them back to its actual place of living.".

Nearly 3000 families reside in this high-rise condominium.

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Good human 1986

Posted 6 months ago

shame full, 3000 people living and they cant feed some 20 odd strays and make them friendly