Women feel safe in autos, cabs across NCR.... Really?!

By Lipika Bhushan
Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Mar 22, 2019

A series of molestation and loot by a gang of auto drivers in Indirapuram recently have raised serious concerns over the safety and security of women in the National Capital Region (NCR) region.

I moved here from Central Delhi nine years back and observed that police and civic authorities paying lip service to make areas under this region a world class one but sadly, they have failed to translate this on the ground.


In this regard, CCTVs were supposed to be installed to enhance security in such areas but that work is 'still in progress'. Interestingly, such efforts are redirected to societies who are expected to shell out to help civic bodies to implement such plans. But I fail to understand their approach when the societies themselves are struggling to make the ends meet for their internal security?

Besides, street lights that are badly lit or not functioning at all, become an excuse for miscreants to carry out criminal activities, creating mismanagement among local administration and authorities.

The 1098 helpline number, sadly does not work for people living in Ghaziabad. One is asked to call on a landline number which is not only amusing but appalling as it is a mockery of a service which is being provided in the name of Distress Call for Women!

Moreover, public vehicles that are meant to provide safety and security to women, have become a mode to prey upon innocent people.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi once stated 'Darr Accha Hai' for criminals, then why is it the women in this satellite town are living in continuous fear of losing their valuables or being abducted to be raped or facing threat even in public transport?

The problem is manifold as most often than not these autos are registered in someone else’s name, they are not registered in the city they are plying in for some reason and therefore there is no record of who actually is driving the vehicle. There is no screening of drivers as many times, we see minors driving these autos. So it becomes evident that there is not even a check on the license to operate and drive.


The need of the hour is proper, thorough checking and patrolling by local police to avoid such incidents. But, till the time authorities get their act together and police ensure safe travelling, I suggest all the women follow these things:

Ensure your mobile is charged whenever you set out to travel and someone close has your live location from the point you are taking public transport.

Both Uber and Ola provide services for autos too. Using these ensures that you are being tracked.

Avoid taking shared autos or cabs if only men are in it as one does not know if it is a gang operating.

Keep a one-touch SOS call active.


Last but certainly not least, one should really be proactive as such incidents do occur during the daytime too! Be vigilant and most importantly, call the police immediately when in suspicion.

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Sangeeta Seth

Posted 3 months ago

Vry well said . I hope women of NCR must get few awareness points which help them to fight with the pervert mind set of few animals who by mistake get the birth in the form of human. One suggestion frm my side. Even If only one man in auto n driver stops somewhere to get few more men ,lady must get down frm auto n mentioned the cause of it to driver clearly.