I'puram: GDA proposes vending zones inside societies; RWAs unhappy
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I'puram: GDA proposes vending zones inside societies; RWAs unhappy

To curb roadside encroachment, the Ghaziabad Development Authority has proposed that societies should allot space for vendors on their premises but the idea hasn’t gone down well with RWAs.

I'puram: GDA proposes vending zones inside societies; RWAs unhappy

Encroachment of public places and the problems stemming from it have always been a burning issue in urban areas and Indirapuram is no different. Here, the encroachment is so rampant that even district authorities struggle to make any area encroachment free.

Anti-encroachment drives invite ire of public, political leaders and mafias. However, Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) has come up with a new proposal to solve this menace but RWAs aren’t happy about it.

GDA officials, on Monday, visited Indirapuram and discussed the probability of partnering with RWAs of the area to eradicate encroachment. The officials proposed that RWAs should allot space inside their societies to certain vendors.

Alok Kumar, president of Indirapuram-based Federation of Apartments Owners Association (FedAOA), who accompanied the officials in their tour confirmed about the proposal to City Spidey. “The idea is that by giving space to vendors like fruits and vegetable sellers and others, the area outside can be decluttered,” Kumar explained.

City Spidey did a quick survey of dozens of societies in Indirapuram to know their take on the idea. While the majority outrightly dismissed it, there were a few positive voices too but with their share of skepticism.

Sanjay Jain, president of ATS Advantage society, not at all pleased with the decision said, “What happened to the multiple vending zones which GDA had proposed earlier?” 

Maheshwaran Nair, secretary of Amrapali Village RWA, said that the proposal has technical problems. “First, the operation of shops inside the society is controlled by builders where RWAs still haven’t received a complete handover. This is valid in our case as well. Second, we do not have space and third, why should we do it? Isn’t it the government’s responsibility?” Nair commented.

In 2018, the GDA had identified four locations in Indirapuram to set up vending zones to accommodate hawkers and vendors that at present encroach upon the streets and roads. However, following backlash from the residents of Ahinsa Khand II with complaints that it’ll result in massive traffic jams in the area, GDA withdrew its decision to set up a vending zone on an 800-sq m plot located near Shanti Gopal Hospital.

Suman Pal, president of Sunrise Greens RWA, says the proposal has its share of risk. “We don’t know who is going to set up shop in our area! Also, we will have to allow outsiders visiting these shops inside the society which will compromise our security,” he said.

However, RWA of Shipra Srishti belonged to the minority who were ready to try out the proposal. The society has been struggling with encroachment by “Bihari market” in Ahinsa Khand I. “We appreciate the GDA proposal. If we allot some space to vendors, it might help us in getting rid of encroachment,” said Pallavi Kumar, president of the society’s AOA.

Meanwhile, Indirapuram-based FedAOA welcomed the proposal. “The whole residential area reeks of traffic jams, pollution and garbage, all because of encroachment. If GDA is taking steps to make Indirapuram clean, we are happy to back it. I would urge the societies to consider this proposal,” commented Alok Kumar.

GDA officials refused to comment on the matter.