Holi celebrations in societies without food? No Way!!!
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Holi celebrations in societies without food? No Way!!!

The recent incident in my residential community will prove how in India celebration is all about indulging in the gastronomical delights. 

Holi celebrations in societies without food? No Way!!!

Weekends, birthdays, weddings, or death all major and minor festivals, events and occasions in India always start and end with food. For us, food has always been the first and the foremost way to celebrate it. Honestly, festivals in Indian societies are not celebrated properly without indulging in the gastronomical delights. 

I realised this when I moved to my society. I am a resident of one of the prominent residential apartments in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad. This society is known for its lavishly organised Holi parties and celebrations. But, this year, Holi celebration will be slightly different as announced by RWA president, A week back, I woke up to some 100-200 WhatsApp messages on my phone, thanks to my society's always buzzing popular messaging app!

All the conversations were full of discontentment and anguish from the residents as one of the AOA members shared and regretted that they won't be able to organise the lavish Holi party lunch like in the past few years due to some unavoidable circumstances. 

For most of the people, the "food won't be served" message became a real cause of concern especially for female heads like me only at the cost of not donning the chef’s hat post the dance, master, fun and frolic. 

Unlike others, it didn't affect me as any way just mom and I attend the food part of such events. Rest everyone in my family enjoys typical Kashmiri delicacies at home, no matter we have any function in our society. So, I have always been the master chef at home and at the same time party animal at such events, where food is also served. Even the discussion about no food at the Holi party didn’t end at the What’s App group. It continued in the lifts too when moms meet to drop their kids for their respective school pick-ups. 

One of the mothers, in her typical bugging tone, made me understand how Holi means happiness and harmony. While the other chipped in and added how one can't imagine celebrations without good food. She also made it clear that it’s the responsibility of the organizers, RWA president and his team to do so. 

Poor me, who didn’t have much to say about their apprehensions, just thought in my head that is it really such a big issue? Did we even bother to ask one of them why they have not been able to organise food?

Well, nobody did including me and the WhatsApp still continues to keep buzzing with messages , discussing the issue. One of the residents informed that they are organising a separate Holi party and that for god sake has food by the pool-side. 

So, let’s see what happens? Who all attends the society’s party or the pool-side Holi bash? Please check the space to know more on this!