RESIDENT SPEAK: Major fire destroys vegetation at Bharat Vandhana Park

By V Selvarajan
Posted: Mar 22, 2019

A massive fire broke out on Friday at Bharat Vandhana Park area at Sector 20 in Dwarka. The park, which is spread over an area of 200 acres, is known for its rich biodiversity. Bharat Vandhana houses a number of peafowls, nilghais, monitor lizards besides many other reptiles and birds.

The natural habitat has dense vegetation and a water body in the centre. The fire broke out about 12 pm and it continued till 3 pm. This has destroyed the vegetation in about a quarter of the area of the park. Fire brigade was called by Diwan Singh who was passing by the area and saw fire.

Since one fire tender was not sufficient to douse the fire which was proliferating faster due to winds, Green Circle members called ACP Rajinder Singh for additional tenders. The news was flashed in social media widely. SDMC and DDA officials along with Delhi police and fire brigade plunged into action. Collective efforts were put forth to extinguish fire.

Despite efforts for more than three hours, most of the scrub jungle vegetation was lost in fire. Much of the bird’s nests and micro organisms were lost. Today is international water day but sufficient water was not available in time to stop the damage.

The compound wall of the Bharat Vandhana Park has been broken in many places, paving way for hooligans to throw fire catching waste inside park. Green Circle, Dwarka forum and seniors hub volunteers were present for extending support to the government agencies.

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