Dream flats in Ajnara Gen X turn into residents’ nightmare
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Dream flats in Ajnara Gen X turn into residents’ nightmare

The residents are facing problems of crack developing in building, seepage in basement, malfunctioning lifts, non-working security cameras and so on.

Dream flats in Ajnara Gen X turn into residents’ nightmare

“Why did we spend our hard-earned cash in this society? To live peacefully or battle uncertainty?” asked PK Jain, a resident of Ajnara Gen X, a high rise in Crossings Republik, while looking at the crack that has appeared in one of the structural beams placed over the vertical pillars in the basement of the society.

Just a few weeks back, Jain had a harrowing experience when one of the society lifts carrying him, his wife and their 18-months-old grandchild had fallen to the basement. His wife was injured in the incident, though he and grandchild were fortunately unhurt.

But the incident has left the family and other residents traumatized. “Forget about amenities, I am worried for the safety and security of my family,” said Jain.

The residents of Ajnara Gen X are facing problems of no emergency rescue features installed in lifts, seepage, trash littered in lower basement, non-working security cameras and deteriorating infrastructure.

“The problems are endless – cracks have appeared in one of the structural beams, there are considerable wide hollow spaces on the driveways, basement is ridden with seepage and trash, 80% of cameras do not even function. But the worst part is there is a tunnel that opens towards the market and stays unguarded,” complained Jain.

The residents say that the dream that was sold to them at a hefty price – to have a safe and secure house in a modern township – has remained a dream. The situation is grim, say the residents, as there are not enough security staff, infrastructure is fast deteriorating and maintenance services are shoddy.


(Left, Middle) The second basement of the complex has become a garbage dump yard
for the shopowners of the market area. (Right) Wide open spaces present on the driveway
on the ground floor of the society can prove extremely dangerous for pedestrians.


Infrastructure issues

“The crack in the beam could prove fatal to the stability of the structure and jeopardize our safety. Even a minor earthquake could prove worse for us,” apprehended Jain.

There are also wide hollow spaces present in the corner of the driveway on the ground floor of the society, which could prove dangerous. “Anyone can get stuck in the gap, especially kids. It is also dangerous for people walking in the basement because they could get hurt if anything falls from above,” Jain said.

Seepage is another big issue. The residents say that the worst affected is the basement, which stinks because of seepage-ridden walls.

“Whenever we complain to the maintenance agency that has been hired by the builder to sort out seepage issue, it passes the buck on the developer saying they first need to identify origin of leaks and then only any action can be taken,” alleged Rishabh Jain, another resident of the society.


Security and Maintenance

The lack of adequate cameras and security staff has always been a concern for the residents. “Recently, while doing a check we had found that just 22 out of over 100 cameras are working. This is serious!" said Rishabh.

The second basement of the society is in shambles. “The area has a tunnel like way which opens towards the market area. Yet, this part of the society remains unguarded. Anyone can enter and exit from there unrecorded. This is a threat to our security" Rishabh added.

The area is also littered with trash. Residents say that shop owners of the market area discard their garbage here as there are no security guards to stop them.

“In our last confrontation with maintenance agency, we were blatantly told that they can’t do anything about it as only developer can sort this out,” Jain complained.

Pooja Shrivastava, president of the currently defunct AOA of the society, said that residents are themselves to be blamed for the mess they are living in. “A few years back, some residents had confronted the builder and asked him to take corrective steps. Just when we were expecting a positive outcome, a section of residents came out in builder’s support just for their personal benefit. The rest chose to be a silent spectator. Now they are reaping what they sowed,” she said. 

In 2015, the AOA of the society was registered after an election. Soon after, a section of residents allegedly supported by the developer, Ajnara India Limited, went to the High Court and got a stay order on the functioning of AOA.

In the absence of AOA, maintenance of the society is now looked after by the developer.

City Spidey made repeated attempts to contact Ajnara but no one commented.