Noida traffic police to get strict against car owners, errant drivers
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Noida traffic police to get strict against car owners, errant drivers

Noida traffic police are planning to act strictly on the car owners, who do alterations in their vehicles, violating set norms. 

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If you are on Noida roads, then tinted car windows, high-beam headlights and loud music are quite common. But, soon it is going to be a rare sight in the city as the Noida traffic police are planning to take strict action against such violators, who have made an alteration in their cars in order to get extra attention. 

Anil Jha, SP Traffic Gautam Buddh Nagar, said the department concerned has already submitted reports on such cars to the Regional Transport Office (RTO) and the office is yet to decide the charges and sections for such an offence. 

"It has been observed that people do alteration in their cars in terms of light and other body parts of the vehicle. Doing so is punishable because it causes both security and traffic threat. RTO is already deciding on the punishment for violating the Motor Vehicle Act. Post elections, we will have definite punishment for such offences," he told City Spidey

During the evening time, the high-beam headlights on DND and Greater Noida Expressway create a menace for the vehicles coming from the other side of the highway. When asked on what basis they will select a particular intensity of the light while driving, Jha said if any car has modified the lights, we will penalise them. 

"At some places like Greater Noida Expressway or Yamuna Expressway, we have already installed CCTV cameras and we already have our data with us," he added. 

Daily commuters are elated to learn about such guidelines. 

"It's such a relief. I don't drive but I really get pissed off when guys get mad to see a girl walking on the road. They just scroll down the window and put rubbish music on high volume and try to eve-tease us," said Smita Meshram, who walks down every day from her office to the nearest metro station. 

Jaspreet Oberoi, a daily commuter from Noida Sector 16 to Delhi, feels that it’s the need of the hour to get light detectors so that errant drivers can be caught. 

"Those high-beam lights can make anybody blind at night. They are so sharp that you literally go blind if you're driving on the other side. It takes at least two-three seconds for a normal eye to get adjusted to that vision and I think it's much enough time for any mishap to happen," he said.