Bike-borne snatchers continue to create havoc in Noida Extension

By Praveen Dwivedi
Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Mar 27, 2019

Residents of Noida Extension have not got any relief from the ongoing snatching incidents in the area by the hyperactive bike-borne snatchers despite reporting several such incidents to the police in the last few months. 

Priyanka Singh, a resident of Paramount Emotion, is the latest victim. Her bag was snatched by the thief on Tuesday during the day time. 

"I was coming back to my society around 3 pm and was hardly half a kilometre away from the entrance gate of my society.  All of a sudden two persons on a bike drove close to me and run away with my bag," Singh told City Spidey.  

Singh said she could not even realise that their intention as the place was quite crowded at that time.  

“A group of women were waiting for the school bus to drop their children and also there were five to six people standing at the gate. It happened in a fraction of second and that's why I  could not notice the number plate of the bike,” Singh added. 

Soon after the incident, Singh called the Bisrakh police to inform about the incident. “Two police personnel visited society and lodged a written complaint,” Singh added. 

Chandan Choudhary, another resident of Paramount Emotion said, “Snatching has become a regular affair here and residents of highrises are feeling insure even standing at the gate of their societies. It is horrible to know that snatchers are active in broad daylight and even at the gates. This show how police are inactive and putting residents’ lives in danger.”

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