Overflowing sewer water affects residents of Dwarka sector 8

By City Spidey
Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Mar 28, 2019

Poor civic redress troubles residents of Dwarka sector 8. A road near Malaria Institute has been in the pathetic condition from the last four months, causing a major problem for the daily commuters because of the sewer water

The path, which also connects a local market with the sector is filled with sewer water and none of the civic bodies has taken any action against it despite the area is having an institute, bank, few chemist shops among residential buildings. 

Gulshan Kumar Ahuja, a shopkeeper from Apna Chemist in the market, said, “The entire sewer line in the area is chocked. The problem has been there from the last two years but these four months have been unbearable for us. We have a complaint about the subject but nothing has happened yet.”

People in the area said that their issue is stuck between the civic bodies like DDA and municipal corporation.

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