Residents in great shock for repeated wall collapse at Fusion Homes

By Praveen Dwivedi
Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Mar 27, 2019

When you buy a flat at the high rise, you always expect that you are moving to a location where you will live blissfully. But when it goes in the opposite direction, your dreams get shattered. See what has just happened at the Fusion Homes in Greater Noida West.

A wall which was erected within the society has just fallen leaving the residents full of worry. They are now uncertain about their future. If this is the quality of construction, then anything can happen.

In panicked state, the residents described the incident. Most of them, who have just moved to the newly-built society of 7-8 months old, voiced their concern describing the incident.

The residents said that they are fortunate that nobody was hurt during the incident but that could be just a coincidence. “We have been exposed to a eminent danger. It is a sheer luck that we escaped. Anything could have happened,” Dheeraj Singh, a resident living inside the society said.

In came a gentleman, he said that he saw the incident happening. “There was a sudden thud and everybody turned towards the sound. Everyone rushed to spot only to find that the wall was scattered all over the ground. People started to gather around the spot. Soon, people informed the authority about the incident,” said Prateek Srivastava.

What is worse that this was not the first time that a wall has fallen inside the society. Four to five months back, another wall fell down. The repeated incidents have left the people in great shock. They are now deciding the future course of action.

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