Supertech Capetown builder fined for flouting pollution norms

By City Spidey
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Posted: Mar 28, 2019

The builders of Supertech Capetown, a high-rise in Noida’s Sector 74, has been sent a notice by the Noida Authority and also fined Rs 30,000 for throwing the society waste into the green belt area.

According to the officials of Noida Authority, the builder is not following the guidelines of the National Green Tribunal (NGT) on pollution in the city.

After receiving complaints from the residents that the builder was flouting the NGT guidelines, the officials had visited the high rise on March 17. “When we visited the spot, we found that the builder is throwing the society waste into the green belt area because of which air is getting polluted,” said a Noida Authority officer.

“We had even found that the builder is not following the NGT rules at the construction site, for which they have been given a warning,” added the officer.

As per the NGT guidelines, a realtor, individual or contractor needs to abide by certain rules while undertaking any construction work. These include protection of vegetation around the site, sprinkling of water to settle the dust and covering of debris with a sheet to prevent the dust from spreading around.

The officials added that during the inspection, it was found that the construction work is still under way on some towers of the society.

“Though the construction work in the two societies has nearly finished, the builder hasn’t been using sheet to prevent dust from spreading around. Water sprinkling was also not being done at the site,” said the officials.

Meanwhile, the residents cheered the move. Sunita, a resident of the society, said that because of the increased dust and air pollution levels in the area, the residents have been facing respiratory problems.

The locals of the area claimed that the builders of Supertech group have always been flouting the rules.

“Some time back, a plot between Grand Ajnara Heritage and Capetown was chosen to build a park but the Supertech builder started throwing waste water into the area. The place soon turned into a breeding ground for mosquitoes and a nightmare for the nearby residents. After a lot of work and action from the residents and authorities, now the area has been changed into a beautiful park,” said Sanjay Singh, a resident of Grand Ajnara Heritage, a high rise in Sector 74.

The calls made to builders to seek a comment on the issue remain unanswered.

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