RESIDENT SPEAK: 'Witness North-Eastern cultural extravaganza at OCTAVE 2019'


RESIDENT SPEAK: 'Witness North-Eastern cultural extravaganza at OCTAVE 2019'

Being a Sarod player herself, Chandrima Majumdar feels events like these should get their due credit 

RESIDENT SPEAK: 'Witness North-Eastern cultural extravaganza at OCTAVE 2019'

Do you have the fascination for collecting exquisite handicrafts, jewellery and fabrics? Then OCTAVE 2019, a celebration of classical, folk dances and artisans from North-East region, is the place for you. I am also like you all and I rushed to the cultural event when I heard of it. I attended it on Thursday and "excellent" is the only word to describe the program. 

The festival, on till Friday, showcases some beautiful dance forms of the seven sister states besides exquisite handicrafts, jewellery, fabrics, purses and handbags from the region. I really want to express my deepest gratitude to the Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT) and others for bringing such a wonderful event to Delhi from the far-flung region of our nation. 

It was so heartwarming to learn that some artisans and artists have travelled for almost four days to reach Delhi from their states. Each dance group has travelled with a larger number of big drums and delicate costumes, tribal headgears and props to give us an overview of the North-Eastern music and dance.

However, as a Delhite we hardly pay attention to such events and don't even give these creative people their due credit. Huge arrangements and efforts have been made by the government to bring the North East culture to the North and Western India. It was also sad to see only a few visitors to the event. 

 I feel that the government is doing its bit to unite the country and bring about more by curating such festivals. And, now the onus is on us to make such events a big success. 

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