Sewer pipeline work irks residents of Noida sector 21, 25

By City Spidey
Photo: Supplied
Posted: Mar 31, 2019

The ongoing construction work at Noida’s Sector-21 and 25 has been causing a problem for residents of the area. Noida Development Authority has appointed a contractor, who has been neglecting residents’ convenience. They have dug up the streets for laying the sewer pipeline and not levelled them properly. Due to which residents are going through huge inconvenience in these two sectors. 

Residents complained that they were digging streets for laying the pipelines and without restoring a particular area, they were moving ahead with the work in the other place.

“When we interrupted the work and weren't allowing them to continue it in the way it was being carried out, the dug up street was filled with soils. But it wasn't properly because a parked car's tyres sunk in N block,” a resident said on the condition of anonymity. 

Unfortunately, the underground water supply pipeline also burst and soil from around the place stunk. Though the residents have removed the cars from the place, the work is yet to be done properly. The authority is laying the new underground sewer lines within the sector since February. 

It will take another two weeks to finish the work in the sector. As the problem escalated, Rajiv Tyagi, General Manager of Noida Development Authority visited the sector and assured them that it will be sorted out shortly. 

Pradeep Kumar, Air Vice Marshal (retired) who is chairman of the society, said that they met with the concerning officer and he too assured them of resolving their issues within a fortnight. 

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