Elections come and go, when will Amrapali buyers get their homes?
Elections come and go, when will Amrapali buyers get their homes?
Praveen Dwivedi
Elections come and go, when will Amrapali buyers get their homes?
Photo: Samrat Roy

Elections come and go, when will Amrapali buyers get their homes?

The struggles of Amrapali home buyers to get possession of flats is well known to everyone. They have been at the receiving end amid the Amrapali’s case which has been sub judice at the Supreme Court. Due to the ongoing trial of the case, the construction works at different projects had stopped leaving the prospect of getting possession of flats in the doldrums.

The agitated buyers have been running from pillar to post to raise the issue and find a solution. But, their agony is not coming to an end. They have already raised the issue at Prime Minister Office (PMO) and Chief Minister Office (CMO) without any positive outcome.

In fact, they have contacted all the concerned officials and apprised them about their agony. Still, nothing came out of it. The Member of Parliament (MP) and Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) have also turned deaf ear.

Now, as the general election draws closer, a group of Amrapali homebuyers vowed that they will not participate in the upcoming elections. The home buyers, who haven't got possession of flats despite paying more than 90 per cent of the amount, had started a new hashtag on social media #NoHomeNoVote to share their grievances.

K K Kaushal, a flat buyer said, “We had protested continuously for 50 days and later we protested even in Delhi when the Parliament was functioning. It is surprising that none of the political leaders or the party contesting general elections from Gautam Budh Nagar are not considering it as an issue. During last general elections and even during UP Assembly elections, we were promised that our flats will be provided.”

Even after their announcements that they will not be participating in the election, the candidates, who are contesting in the elections, have also not made any sort of effort to pay heed to their concerns. In such a scenario, they are just heartbroken and feel that there is no one who can sort out their genuine problems.

Over 45,000 people, who have almost lost their hope of getting their dream home anytime soon, have been blaming the government for paying a deaf ear to their issues and calling the leaders “dual faced.” They are losing sight of people who can address their concerns.

As a matter of fact, during the campaigning for last general elections in 2014, the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) had promised the home buyers that they would be addressing the problem of Amrapali buyers when voted to power. Now, the complete term of five years has gone by and situation is still the same.

Now, the buyers are perplexed that everyone has turned ignorant during the upcoming elections. They are worried why this was not an issue this time? They feel that situation is getting bad to worse.

As far as the state governments are concerned, there have been many changes but the situation is still the same. These projects were started during Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) government. Then, Samajwadi Party (SP) came to power. Now, there is a BJP government at the helm. Despite different government spearheaded by different parties, their state has not changed and they are still waiting for the completion of projects.

Kuldeep Munsi, who had booked a flat in Amrapali Dream Valley in Greater Noida West, said, “Since then, two state government have gone and third one is at the helm at the moment. It’s been ten years I have been waiting for my flats and I am still clueless whether I will get my flats or not in future. Political parties have even mentioned it on their election manifestos but when we ask them to help in providing flats they refuse by saying that the matter is sub judice. But, they did nothing when the matter was not in court.”