Photo exhibition in Dwarka takes people closer to nature
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Photo exhibition in Dwarka takes people closer to nature

Environment lover PK Datta displayed over 50 photographs on the theme of “Mother Nature.”

Photo exhibition in Dwarka takes people closer to nature

A photography exhibition displaying work of environment lover PK Datta on the theme of environment was organised over the weekend at Urivi Vikram Charitable Trust in Dwarka's Sector 22.

Around 50 photographs of Datta, a resident of Sector 19, were exhibited on the theme “Mother Nature.” The photographs displayed the many hues of nature, especially trees.

Students, senior citizens and the residents who visited the exhibition greatly appreciated Datta’s work. “Every time I take a photograph of trees, I feel they acquire some different shape naturally. It gives a feeling of the presence of motherhood. This is my way of making the community aware and feel closer towards that same feeling,” shared an ecstatic Datta.

He soon plans to have a display of his work in open parks. “I want to make morning walkers aware of the importance of nature. Probably, it will happen over this weekend at Sector 17 DDA Park,” he added.

The visitors to the exhibition clearly enjoyed themselves. RK Singh, a resident of Sector 6 who visited the exhibition, said, “This was a unique display as I had never experienced something like this earlier. It was very impressive.”

Shweta Gupta, a resident of Sector 23, said, “The exhibition made me realise that our nature has so many treasures hidden inside, which we need to explore in our daily life. Even I would like to collect such photographs now.”