Gzb: Will press NOTA if demands are not met, say Parsavnath Paradise residents

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Apr 01, 2019

Over 5000 residents of Parsavnath Paradise on Monday held a demonstration, cautioning the civic authorities they will opt for none of the above (NOTA) in the upcoming general elections if their demands are not met.

People of the society alleged that poor civic amenities and sheer negligence of the civic authorities have forced them to resort to this decision. 

Arvind Dhupe, a resident of the society, said the society has a defunct sewer system and unavailability of water supply that too when Ganga water pipeline runs just across the road. 

"Sewage treatment plant constructed behind the society has been non-functional for so many years. Every monsoon, our society gets filled up with knee-deep water due to this," Dhupe claimed.

Despite having its dedicated sewage treatment plant (STP), the residents have to seek the help of nearby non-operational mall to evacuate the waterlogging from the society - thanks to the dilapidated sewage system in the society, residents claimed.

"Even for that, we have to stay at the mercy of the mall owner," residents added.

We have conveyed our grievances to every possible avenue but to no avail. "From councillor Sachin Dagar to MLA Suneel Sharma to MP VK Singh, we met everyone, but received only hollow promises which never converted into reality," said Dhupe. 

The residents also complained that the situation persists because of the apathy of lawmakers towards the issues related to their society.

"When we told Sachin Dagar, BJP's municipal councillor from the area, about our decision of pressing NOTA, he shrugged it off and gave an irresponsible response. Instead, he replied saying we won't ask votes from your society then," Dhupe stated.

Parsavnath Paradise, located in Ghaziabad's Mohan Nagar, started giving possession in the year 2004. More than a thousand flats exist in its periphery.



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