Hidden signals
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Hidden signals

Overgrown trees around traffic signals in Dwarka have made it extremely difficult to spot the lights, posing a threat to commuters.

Hidden signals

It is quite likely that you unknowingly jump a red light in Dwarka. Unknowingly, because chances are you did not even spot the traffic signal.

There are several such crossings in Dwarka where overgrown trees make it impossible to see the traffic light. Commuters say that there are accidents occurring every now and then on such crossings.

“At the intersection of Sectors 22, 23 and 20, you just can’t see the traffic light,” says Poonam Tyagi, a resident of Paradise Apartments, Sector 9. “DDA should get these trees pruned at the earliest.”

Umesh Kala, vice-president of Gangotri Apartments, Sector 12 says, “Since most roads in Dwarka are wide, vehicles often commute at high speed. At crossings where traffic signal is not visible, the situation becomes rather dangerous. Horticulture department should get these plants prune immediately.”

The trees that need to be pruned on priority include those at the intersections of KM Chowk, Sectors 10-11, Sectors 13-14, Sectors 8-9, Sectors 6-10 and near Ayudh Vihar, at the intersection of sectors 12, 13, 3 and 4. About a month back, Traffic police, DDA and Dwarka Forum carried out a survey to identify the areas where the problem exists. However, there was nothing done after that.

On the subject, deputy director Horticulture, DDA Dwarka, Prem Chandra said, “We have carried out pruning in several intersections, such as at the intersection at 20,22,23,19. However, there is still a lot to be done. Residents can let us know if they want pruning to be carried out in any particular area. We will get it done.”