Plaster from basement wall of Ecovillage 1 crumbles down, creates panic! WATCH

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Apr 03, 2019

Issues related to maintenance in high-rises across Greater Noida and otherwise have always been on priority as far as residents are concerned. They pay charges to get better services but if it creates panic and brings a sense of fear among them then?

One such incident occurred in Greater Noida West's Ecovillage 1 on Wednesday when residents suddenly realised that a portion of a wall in the basement of the society fell down. 

Scared by the consequences, some residents of the society, without any delay, called officials from the Greater Noida Authority and apprised them about the situation inside the premises.

The officials of the authority came and inspected the said spot. On questioning, the officials assured the residents that there is no need to panic as this is just the plaster that has crumbled and it will not weaken the beam of that wall and society in any manner.

The big question is even if it is the plaster that has fallen down, who is responsible for this low-grade work?

Watch the video and comment.

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