Residents of Ahinsa Khand II to organise Raahgiri Day every month starting Apr 7

By Ashish Srivastava
Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Apr 04, 2019

The residents of Ahinsa Khand II will reclaim the streets from the hullabaloo of vehicular traffic, congestion and encroachment this Sunday. They are organising a Raahgiri Day for themselves - not just this month, but every month from now on!

The idea of Raahgiri was suggested post a meeting happened between a few residents which was later shared with other people of the locality. All of them readily accepted!

"The idea was to do it on large scale and I even had a word with the district magistrate of Ghaziabad in this regard. She suggested me to join SVEEP initiative and make voting awareness as a theme of the event. Because of the paucity of time, a large event can't be planned and executed but yes, the residents agreed to make it happen on a locality-level," said Jayati Jain, a resident of Rishabh Cloud 9, and one of the organisers of the event. 

"We will block one side of the road for the event and motorists could drive on the other side," Jain added.

When asked if motorists would face a problem, Jain said traffic is generally less on Sundays, especially in mornings. 

"Also, due to the dilapidated condition of Mall Road, we had become habitual of driving 'one-way' so I don't think residents would face any problem," she playfully said.

The event, organised from Rishabh Tiraha to Niho Mall in AK II, will be filled with games, cycling, aerobics and street play with residents across the area participating in it.

'Raahgiri' is a unique concept where a section of a street or road is kept closed for cars, scooters and other automobiles for fixed hours. It is then open for the public exclusively for walking, jogging, cycling, skating, exercising, etc.

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