Pay extra caution while sending goods through movers and packers!

By Praveen Dwivedi
Photo: Graphics by Akash Mishra
Posted: Apr 04, 2019

People are increasingly getting dependent on movers and packers companies for transferring their belongings to other locations. People find it very comfortable and they don’t hesitate to shell out good amount of money for that. But there are also cases where people have lost or got damaged goods while sending it through these companies.

In a similar case, a resident of Noida, Shashank Shekhar, who was working as a faculty of Maths at Vidyamandir Classes, met with same fate as a company did not deliver his goods at the destination.

He recently got transferred to other institute at Patna in Bihar. As he had to shift to Patna, he got in touch with Leo Movers and Packers company’s staffs. He met them in front of Bharat Hospital in Sector 71, Noida.

It was decided that the company will transfer all his goods at the destined address for Rs 19,000. Half of the money was to be given at the time of packing and rest half at delivery. 

On the day of packing, the staffs arrived at his flat and took all his goods in a vehicle. Shekhar made half of the payment. The goods included his Royal Enfield bike, AC, LED TV, fridge, trolley bags with clothes, inverter and battery, computer with speakers, kitchen stuffs, gas cylinder etc. 

After 3 days, Shekhar got a call from the staffs that they will deliver the goods but also requested him to send the rest of the amount as they needed to pay to the transport service. Shekhar immediately made payment through internet.  

To his shock, the staffs called him again and asked for payment. Shekhar became suspicious and checked the invoice which was sent to him on WhatsApp. He was surprised to find that wrong name was mentioned on the invoice. He also did not get the insurance papers which was of Rs 33,090. 

Then, Shekhar told them to deliver the goods at the destination and get the rest of payment. On this, they refused to deliver goods and said that unless he makes the payment, the goods will not be delivered. 

In desperation, Shekhar asked them to show the goods and then he will make payment. But they refused it by saying that it violates the company’s policy. They even refused to share details of transporter. 

During his respective calls on customer care, the company staffs refused that the booking was done by them. He was told that someone did fraud on the name of the company. 

When City Spidey talked to Shekhar, he revealed his helplessness. He said, “I had bought these stuffs over a good period of time. I spent my hard-earned money on this. Now, everything has gone in a flash. I also have no idea how to get my goods back. Police is my last hope.”

He got completely crestfallen as he feared that he lost all his goods. He lodged an FIR against the staffs at Sector 71 police station. The police is now his only hope. He also went through a lot of mental stress during this period. He shared all the details with police with hope that someday he will get back his goods.

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