Dwarka: RWAs demand UGR for smooth water supply this summer

By City Spidey
Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Apr 07, 2019

As the summer has already begun with soaring temperatures, the Residents Welfare Associations (RWAs) of societies around Ashirvad Chowk are demanding separate Underground Water Reservoir (UGR) for a smooth supply of water in Dwarka.

The societies like DDA SFS at Sector 5, Harmony Apartments at Sector 4, Dwarkadheesh Apartments at Sector 12, Surabhi Apartments at Sector 11 etc are worried over the water scarcity which they face every summer due to inadequate infrastructure.

The residents said that these societies have been facing problems of deficient water supply during summer because there is only one UGR for many pockets in the area. Due to that, the societies near to the UGR get water and the societies far from the UGR face scarcity.

Anjana Sinha, ex-general secretary of RWA, Dwarkadheesh Apartments, Sector 12 said, “One UGR supplies water to six pockets. During summer, there has always been water crisis in the sector. The UGR supplies water to six pockets of Sector 12 like pocket 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.”

“In this condition, we face water crisis every summer. Though we are at the tail end of the sector, we face problems. We have requested the area representatives and also the Delhi Jal Board officials to fulfill our demand,” she added.

There are more societies in Sector 12 like  Dwarka Kunj, Indraprastha, Harmony, Shubham Apartments etc which face problem of water every summer.

General secretary of RWA, DDA SFS Apartments, Sector 5, Mahesh Gupta said that situation improved with the separate pipeline laid by DJB but deficient water supply is still an issue during summer.

People from these societies often raise the voice when the crisis becomes acute. Many demonstrations have also happened earlier. They say that the summer has started and now people are anxious about the water problem.

“They should give sufficient supply during summer. UGR is very much required in the area,” said MP Singh, a resident of Shubham Apartments Sector 12.

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