Malfunction of water pump causes taps to go dry at Amrapali Princely Estate

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Apr 07, 2019

With the onset of summer, the water supply problem has started in Noida. Residents of Amrapali Princely Estate, a high-rise apartment that houses 1200 flats, have gone through acute shortage of water supply on Friday.

All the taps started running dry soon after water pump of the apartment went out of order on the day.

G P Singh, a resident said that the routine lives were disturbed due to glitches in water pump. Though, private water tankers were called to meet the demand but residents faced huge inconvenience as they had to stand up in the queue for water.

As water tankers arrived at the apartment, the residents rushed to the society’s gate with buckets to collect water. It caused huge inconvenience to those who were staying on upper floors of the society.

Singh informed that many residents were not able to go to their offices as they were busy calling technicians to repair the only water pump in the society.

Residents said this wouldn't be a problem if an alternate option would have been available but it wasn't and residents had to go through this.

They said that the society has only one pump that supplies water to all the flats in the society. But it was not cleaned since long, and water strainer machine was chocked. “Once the technician came for freeing the choked machine, the water supply resumed on Saturday evening,” resident added.

Residents said that as it is a big residential society and a large number of families have been residing, there should provision of four strainer machines for uninterrupted supply of water. But the developer set up only one, which is not sufficient for all. They added that if the developer does not increase the number, the problem might resurface again in coming days as well.

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